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Who We Are

Lesnick Company is a financial services firm serving families who seek skilled guidance and support for lifelong wealth management.

We formed our practice in 2003 and have over 70 years of combined experience helping our clients fulfill their financial and life goals. As a nimble team and family-run business, we are truly passionate about helping each person we serve create a foundation of financial wellness. We create more than business relationships—we care for each client as friends and family.

As independent business owners and experienced financial professionals, we’re driven to do everything we can to help you achieve clarity about your financial life. At our core, we’re problem solvers and creative thinkers who are never satisfied with the status quo. We believe in finding new ways to overcome obstacles rather than settling for what’s obvious or “easy.”  We believe we have a responsibility to apply our passion and abilities to educate, inspire, and motivate each client we serve.

Once you collaborate with our team, we’re on your side and do everything we can to help you. We enjoy having engaging conversations, laughing together, helping you during tough times, and being your dependable ally. In every step, we look to support you with caring guidance and personalized service that helps you and those you love make the most of your financial lives.