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Joe Lesnick

Joe Lesnick is Nan’s grandson, son of Ben & Ellen Lesnick, and brother to Lindsay Lesnick .  He graduated from Midland High School this year.  At Midland High School, Joe earned admission to the National Honor Society, played on the Varsity Golf Team for three years, earned “Honors Student” status, completed four college credits and fulfilled 40 community service hours to earn a Midland College Legacy Scholarship.  All of this while he worked part time at Green Tree Country Club.  Joe also recently passed his life and health insurance exam.  He plans to attend Midland College as a full time student and later Texas Tech to major in Personal Financial Planning. 


Joe enjoys golfing, swimming, and working out.  He will be our summer intern this year and if he plays his cards right, will return each summer!  Joe may call or email you as he learns the ropes of our business.